Ways to Give

Your gift to the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association will make a monumental difference in the lives of hundreds of youth, and the impact our YLA programs have on them will remain for the rest of their lives. Our young leaders deserve the best programs, and with your support, we can provide our youth with invaluable opportunities to develop their skills in Leadership, Character, Service, Entrepreneurship, and Philanthropy.

We are confident that your investment will greatly benefit youth through our programs. Donating will allow you to connect with many other philanthropists who share the same values of equipping youth with the best education. The youth served by our organization display a promising future, and we are excited to see how our programs assist them in their endeavors.

On behalf of all Youth Leadership Association members, staff, and prospective members, we are so grateful for your kindness. Thank you!

Cash & Pledges

You can give a gift in the form of cash, check, or credit card. For your convenience, you can set up automatic donations that can be deducted, at your preferred rate, from your credit card or bank account. You can also pledge a gift to pay in installments, usually within three years.

Have a specific program or initiative you are passionate about? You have the power to decide where your donation goes when you make your gift.

You can make a contribution online today!

Interested in mailing your gift? Please use the following address:
Horseshoe Leadership Center
3309 Horseshoe Run Road
Parsons, WV 26287

Gifts of Stock

Donating a gift of Stocks may allow you to deduct the fair market value of the gift and bypass capital gains tax on appreciation. If you would like to contribute to our organization through a gift of stock, please call us at (304) 478-2481.

Honor & Memorial Gifts

Making a gift in memory of a special person is a wonderful way to honor this person’s legacy in a way that benefits the youth in our community.

If you have a loved one, YLA member, or YLA staff member that has made a difference in your life or the lives of others, you may consider making a gift in honor of this person.

Please contact us at (304) 478-2481 to review the options to give with you and discuss how your contribution will make a lasting impact on you and our youth.

Legacy & Estate Gifts

You can transform the lives and futures of our youth through your legacy. Your contribution will benefit the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association members along with the next generations.
Some ways to give a legacy gift include designating a gift to YLA in your will or estate plan, establishing a trust, creating a life income gift, and entrusting property, cash, or a proportion of your estate. Of course, you can always specify how you would like your gifts to be used.

You can contact us for more information by emailing [email protected].

More ways to give:

  • A life insurance policy that you no longer plan to use
  • Charitable Gift
  • Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

Call us at (304) 478-2481 to talk about any plans to give.

General Donation

Support all or any one of our amazing programs!

Send a Kid to Camp

Give the gift of a life-changing experience at summer camp!

End of Year Giving Campaign

Support YLA this holiday season!

This Old Cabin

Sponsor one of our eight cabins to help preserve and maintain these historic treasures built by the CCC in the 1930's.

The Giving Tree

For your donation, an American Chestnut tree will be planted in your honor at Camp Horseshoe.